Christine Hanakomachi
Chris waving at Miyu
Japanese Name 花小町 クリスティーヌ
Romaji Hanakomachi Christine
Race Human
Birthdate September 2nd
Age 14
Gender Female
Bloodtype 🆎
Height 163 cm
Weight 48 kg
Profession Second Year Middle School Student
Likes Kanata Saionji
Manga Chapter 3
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actor Cindy Creekmore (English)

Alison Lester (Australian English)
Marvi Medina (Filipino)
Ilaria Latini (Italian)
Haruna Ikezawa (Japanese)
Hyeon Jin Lee (Korean)
Carolina Tak (Spanish)

Christine Hanakomachi (花小町 クリスティーヌ Hanakomachi Christine) commonly known as Chris is one of Miyu 's friend and the one who likes Kanata the most. She is known for her unbelievable strength when she gets jealous especially after making assumptions between Miyu and Kanata's relationship- thinking they are lovey-dovey. 


Chris-chan has violet eyes and pink wavy hair slightly often tied in a red ribbon. When wearing casual clothing, she often wears princess-like dresses usually ruffled.

In the second season of the anime, her casual clothes is modern but still has femininity.

Personality Edit

Christine is well-mannered lady but she usually gets delusional who easily makes assumptions and rages whenever she sees Kanata getting close to other girls especially Miyu. This cause her breaking anything close to her. But whenever the situation is explained to her, she restores everything she breaks after raging. Because of this, Kanata warns Miyu to avoid getting close to him which she misunderstood thinking he likes Chris during the first part of the series.

She cannot make a direct contact with Kanata as she always blush and stutter in front of him. 

She easily gets scared over creepy things like ghosts or other stuffs she has never seen before. Like she turned into stone after hearing Santa's ghost stories and retreating from entering the Mystery Market despite the time they waste for waiting in line. 

History Edit

Christine first met Miyu along with Kanata during their first day of school. She happened to see Kanata talking casually to Miyu and she wonders who she is. Despite knowing them being cousins, she still doubts their relationship.



Momoka is Chris' cousin. She is usually the one who looks after her when Momoka is asking for company usually when she goes on a date with Ruu.  


Shikada is Chris' butler. He looks after Chris as she grows up and the one Chris trusts the most. 

Parents Edit

According to Chris, her mother is a French as part of her introduction but her parents never made any appearance in the series. They are not often in their house due to their work. 

Anime and Manga Differences Edit

  • When Chris visited the Saionji Temple to have a welcome party for Miyu, Chris came together with Kanata's Fan Club in uniform, while in the anime, Chris and Kanata's Fan Club visited the Saionji Temple to have a welcome party for Miyu during weekend and they were in a casual clothing.
  • In the manga, Chris found out about Ruu and Wannya's identity together with Momoka earlier than the rest of Miyu and Kanata's friends while in the anime, Chris found out about Ruu and Wannya's identity together with the rest of their friends and later on in the series.