Miyu's Awful Cuisine
Season 1, Episode 5
Kanata and Miyu taste testing the pumpkin dish
Duration 25:00
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The fifth episode of Daa! Daa! Daa! titled Miyu's Awful Cuisine.

Synopsis Edit

Miyu wins two tickets to Momoland. After making her feel bad, Wanya and Ruu go to Momonland, leaving Miyu and Kanata home together. This makes Miyu nervous since it was the first time. They both go to the store to buy dinner. Kanata admits that he loves pumpkin after Miyu gets mad at him and shouts that he tell her what he liked, so Miyu insists that she cooks pumpkin dinner for him. There was only one problem, she never cooked pumpkin before. So, they both make a pumpkin dinner together. After dinner, a mysterious astronaut had arrived at Kanata's house. It turned out to be Miyu's mom. 

Plot Edit

Wannya is hanging up new washed clothes as Miyu chases after Ruu who took her doll. Getting noisy all of a sudden, Wannya gets inside, wondering what the fuss is about. Miyu accidentally kneed Wannya and thrown outside, hitting the newly hanged clothes, getting it all dirty.

As they eat breakfast, Miyu explains to Kanata about the doll ticket she got from a raffle contest. Kanata who does not have any idea about it, Wannya happily tells him about the newly opened amusement park, Momonland. Miyu asks Ruu to come with her after getting excited about it, too but Wannya tries to haunt Miyu's conscience by counting the good deeds she has done for her such as doing the house chores everyday, keeping the meal healthy for Miyu, redoing the laundry and more. Miyu feeling guilty suggests to let Wannya go together with Ruu, instead. Disguised as a young man with his son, Wannya and Ruu takes off to Momonland.

Miyu and Kanata were left alone in the house. Miyu suddenly gets conscious and nervous about it since it is her first spending time with him alone.

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