Mama Comes Over on Mother's Day
Season 1, Episode 6
Miyu gave her mother a gift on Mother's Day
Duration 25:00
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The sixth episode of Daa! Daa! Daa! titled Mama Comes Over on Mother's Day

Synopsis Edit

It's Mother's day, and Miyu's mom has come over to the Saionji home. She has the new invention from NASA, that detects extra-terrestrial objects. So Miyu and Kanata have to hide Ruu and Wanya. Miyu tells her mom that she is too busy searching for extra-terrestrials, and that it's more important than her. Miyu's mom asks her if Miyu would go to America with her. Miyu refuses. They soon find out that Miyu's mom had skipped an important meeting just to see Miyu. 

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Continuation of the last episode, Miki comes to the kitchen of Saionji Temple casually while in an astronaut suit.

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