A Date in the Park Between Cousins
Season 1, Episode 9
Chris watches Kanata and Miyu as they try to return back to their normal size.
Duration 25:01
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The ninth episode of Daa! Daa! Daa! titled A Date in the Park Between Cousins.

Synopsis Edit

Ruu and Momoka go on a date, but are chaperoned by Miyu and Kanata. Little did they know, Momoka brought another chaperone, Chris. They soon found out that Chris is Momoka's cousin. While chaperoning, Wanya brings a toy called "mini mini setto" that was delivered from the planet Chuuhan. The mini mini setto shrinks Miyu, Kanata, and Chris. They struggle to push the button, but only succeed since Chris gets angry after seeing Miyu and Kanata's hands together. Miyu and Kanata convince Chris that it was a dream. 

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