Kanata Saionji
Kanata in the first opening
Japanese Name 西遠寺 彷徨
Romaji Saionji Kanata
Race Human
Birthdate December 25th
Age 14
Gender Male
Bloodtype AB
Height 167 cm
Weight 54 kg
Profession Junior High School Student
Likes Pumpkin
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor Yuuko Sanpei (Japanese)

Paola Majano (Italian)
Mi Ja Lee (Korean)
José María Carrero (Spanish)

Kanata Saionji (西遠寺 彷徨 Saionji Kanata) is the male protagonist of Daa! Daa! Daa!. He is the one who currently manage the Saionji temple in place of his father who went to India for training and left him with Miyu alone before Ruu and Wanya arrive. He is also the Earth father of Ruu during the days he and Wanya spent on Earth. 

Profile Edit

Kanata's mom (Hitome) used to be the childhood friend of Miki (Miyu's Mother)


He has a brown hair and brown eyes. 

For others, he is a cool and handsome person. He excels in most of the subject, atheltic and talented; making the girls to admire him. But in the house, he is lazy and doesn't have proper manner as he get used to it since he lives with his father for so long. 

Miyu is the one who sees Kanata's imperfections and points it out to him. But he seems to ignores whatever she says. 


Houshou SaionjiEdit

He is Kanata's father who is supposed to take care of the Saionji Temple and Miyu. But because of the Head Monk Gen-san who gave him permission to train to India and Tibet, he went out to achieve his childhood dream. Because fo this, Kanata is now the one who looks with the Temple together with Miyu, Wanya and Ruu.