Momoka Hanakomachi
Momoka playing with Ruu
Japanese Name 花小町ももか
Romaji Hanakomachi Momoka
Race Human
Birthdate June 21
Age 3
Gender Female
Bloodtype O
Height 84 cm
Weight -
Profession -
Likes Ruu, pink, white and strawberries
Manga Chapter 14
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actor Chinami Nishimura (Japanese)

Letizia Ciampa (Italian)
Jeom Hui Ryoo (Korean)

Momoka Hanakomachi (花小町ももか Hanakomachi Momoka) is a declared girlfriend of Ruu who often visits the Saionji Temple to play with him. She is the first person besides Kanata and Miyu to find out about Ruu and Wannya being an alien, as well as their abilites and keeping it a secret together with Miyu and Kanata. She is the cousin of Christine Hanakomachi.

Appearance Edit

Momoka is a small girl that has red eyes and has brown hair usually seen tied in a tail on sideways. She always ride her red tricycle when she roams around the town or goes to Saionji Temple to play with Ruu.

Personality Edit

Momoka acts more mature on her age as she scolds people, mostly older than her for not throwing the trash properly. She is able to buy stuffs on her own and keep the others from treating her like a child and doing her favors. Though, she plays with Ruu childishly, she mostly sees herself as a mature woman.

History Edit

Momoka first met Ruu when she accidentally catches him through her net. After spending the whole day with Ruu and being saved by him, she falls in love with him and declares to be his girlfriend which confused Kanata, Miyu and Wannya.

She serves as Ruu's comforter whenever he cries, telling him boys are not meant to cry, so as the girls. 

When Miyu and Kanata's class are having a play in which Ruu is included, Momoka came out of nowhere to be part of it but Aya told her that there was no role for her.