Wannya in the first opening
Japanese Name ワンニャー
Romaji Wannyā
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Gender Male
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Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor Chiemi Chiba (Japanese)

Wannya is Ruu's certified and functional Sitter-Pet who came onto planet Earth together with Ruu through a  

dimensional chasm. He personally takes care of Ruu and upon staying in the Saionji's residence, he usually do chores and somehow also taking care of Kanata and Miyu


Wannya has a white fur and brown parts in his left ear, left foot and at the end of his tail. He resembles a cat. 


As a functional Sitter-pet, he is capable of babysitting and household chores. 

Also, Wanya can transform into different person necessary to hide his identity and Ruu as an alien. 


Wanya police

Wanya as policeman

Wanya's first transformation is a policeman as he seen in the TV and thought it will be useful to find Ruu who went out looking for Miyu and Kanata.

He transfomrs as Kanata's father Houshou to cover the fact that Miyu and Kanata are the only ones looking for each other. 

He transforms as a neighborhood housewife usually when shopping.